About Seni

"Every-Day Comfort"

Absorbive and Specialist Care Products for People With Incontinence

Seni is a range of products dedicated to people with incontinence. We started with only one product, today we offer a wide range of absorbent products, as well as skin care and supplementary products. With Seni one can find bladder control pads for men and women, anatomically shaped pads, all-in-one diapers, elastic absorbent underwear, bed underpads and specialist skin care products.

Benefits of Seni:

  • Less sweating thanks to vapor permeable outer layer
  • Lower risk of leakages
  • Less frequent underpads and/or bedding changes
  • Reduction of the risk of skin irritations
  • Bedsores prevention
  • Less frequent medical appointments = time and money savings
  • Comfort and safety

Changing product less frequently means:

  • No need to disturb sleep so often
  • More dignity
  • Less pain for chronically ill
  • More time to spend with the loved ones on talking, walking, playing or reading etc.
  • The freedom of going out and enjoying life without being afraid of embarrassing leaks
  • Lower use of briefs/underwear and underpads
  • Lower use of washcloths and gloves for changing
  • Lower expenses associated with laundry loads and linen changes
  • Less physical work for caregivers

Did you know that the environment needs about 450 years to decompose a diaper? When using Premium Quality incontinence products you also dispose less and make your contribution to protect the Earth.